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Welcome to my website!

I offer therapy to help people live authentically.  

I specialize in treatment of anxiety and issues related to gender identity, sexuality, sexual orientation, intimacy and relationships.

I am Carolyn Claire, a Registered Psychologist in private practice with over 16 years of experience helping people address their mental health and wellness.  Considering therapy as an option often signals a desire for change.  Perhaps you want to change patterns in your intimate relationships, or gain confidence in expressing your authentic self in spite of the risks that hold you back. Or perhaps you want to stop the past from creating pain in your present life and relationships.  No matter what your reasons, research has shown that therapy can be effective at bringing about desired change  (scroll down to “Assessing Psychotherapy’s Effectiveness”).

I feel privileged to work with people who are willing to help themselves grow and change, and reveal who they really are in the process. It is through this process of self-discovery, reflection, and willingness to make changes that we are able to come ever closer to being our authentic selves.

 My psychotherapy work is characterized by a respectful, collaborative approach with an emphasis on your personal strengths. When working with me you will find a safe, comfortable, and private space in which to address the issues that you are struggling with.

Contact me at CarolynClaire@protonmail.com . If you are unsure please consider accessing one of my complementary services described below.

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How I Can Help

Individual Therapy

It is common to experience occasional difficulties in response to life events or daily stressors, but there are times when we are feeling stuck or feeling that a problem has a strong hold on us....

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Problem Solving Session

Sometimes our lives are going well and then out of nowhere something unexpected happens. We can feel confused, not sure what to do, and not sure who to turn to. While friends and family can offer...

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Career Counselling

Whether you are making a mid-life career change or feeling overwhelmed with decisions about what to study after high school, I can help you determine your next steps. I will engage you in a career...

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Undecided About Therapy

If you are still not sure whether therapy is right for you or whether I can be of service, I invite you to get acquainted with me and the therapy process.  I offer a free complementary...

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Issue in Focus

Since 1999, September 23 has been marked as a day to not only celebrate and recognize the contributions bisexual people have made to society but it is also a day to increase our  awareness of the biphobia that bisexual people face.   New research

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In this TedTalk Brene Brown distinguishes the difference between guilt and shame. She argues that shame is at the root of many of our emotional problems and it focuses on our lack of worth. Shame is when we believe that we are bad, or not enough, or

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News & Blogs

It is quite common for people in our culture to avoid our negative emotions...

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This clever video makes the issue of consent clear and easy to...

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