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Undecided About Therapy

If you are still not sure whether therapy is right for you or whether I can be of service, I invite you to get acquainted with me and the therapy process.  I offer two complementary services :

1. Consultation Meeting. In order to assist you in making the decision to begin working with me, I offer a free 25 minute consultation that can be conducted in person or over the phone.  Please note that this consultation is not a therapy session, rather it is an opportunity to acquaint you with how I might approach helping you with your issue, my experience or training addressing your issue, resources I have found helpful for other clients with this issue, and what I have learned about your issue based on working with other clients who have had similar issues. I am also able to share research with you that describes the factors that contribute to successful psychotherapy.

2. Self Help Resources. I have developed a list of self-help resources addressing issues that my clients frequently face. These lists of resources include books found in the public library, websites that have information about the issue, and websites with strategies that may be helpful to address your issue.