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Individual Therapy

It is common to experience occasional difficulties in response to life events or daily stressors, but there are times when we are feeling stuck or feeling that a problem has a strong hold on us. We may have become aware of a recurring pattern in our life that is sabotaging us from becoming who we want to be and having the life we want. We want to make change, but are not sure how. I can help you develop some clarity about what may be contributing to or maintaining the problem and I can support you in making small changes over time that lead to better overall life functioning.  There are many reasons that may have led you to consider working with a psychologist and research has shown that therapy can be effective to making lasting change.

When working with me you will find a safe and private space in which to address the issues that you are struggling with. I have found that therapy is most effective when it is a collaborative endeavor between me and my client. This means that we will work together to develop a clear understanding of your problem and identify ways that change can happen. To assist you, I will offer information, strategies, and another perspective. Over the years I have had the opportunity to help hundreds of clients address a wide range of issues. I have developed expertise in working with issues related to gender, sexuality, anxiety, sex/porn addiction, and healing from negative experiences that we have had in our past (bullying, abuse, neglect, trauma). Read more about my areas of interest/expertise.

When I work with clients, I often use assessment tools to assist the client in working towards their goals. Before using any assessment tool, I would discuss with you the rationale, review any potential benefits and risks, and have you can decide whether or not you want to complete the assessment tool. Some assessment tools are useful to get a baseline understanding and measurement of how an issue shows up in your life. This can be helpful in providing a way to monitor and work for change. Other assessment tools can be helpful in understanding the scope of your issue. Depending on your situation, I may suggest that we use, among others, the Beck Anxiety Inventory, the UCLA Loneliness Scale, the Experiences in Close Relationships – Revised, The Sex Dependency Inventory –Revised (SDI-R), or the Social Phobia Scale.