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Negative Childhood/Adolescent Experiences


Sometimes the way we have been hurt in important relationships has a lasting effect on our lives (for example neglect, abuse, abandonment, or bullying). These injuries can continue to impact our sense of worth, our ability to function in the world, and our ability to be intimate and trust others. We may strive to put these experiences into our past, but like a ghost they continue to haunt us. I can assist you in processing these experiences (by integrating your memories with your emotions, thoughts, and body sensations), thereby reducing the emotional charge and safely turning the ghosts into ancestors.

If you have experienced sexual abuse during your child/adolescence/young adulthood it is important to work with a therapist who specializes in working with complex trauma.  Although I have completed course work related to treating complex trauma, it is not an area of work I feel competent to offer. I can help you find the appropriate therapist.



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