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Learn How To Respond Wisely Rather Than React

I am sure most of us have said or done things in anger that we wish we could take back. I have worked with many clients who want to change the way their anger or grumpiness is damaging their important work and love relationships. Other clients I have worked with share that it is anxiety that prevents them from doing many things that they used to love. Instead of being out in the world, they have tried to avoid feeling anxious by staying at home and doing only familiar activities. Unfortunately for many of us, we feel we have little control over our emotional states.

Mindfulness is a skill that we can learn that offers a way for us to change how we cope with emotions like anger and anxiety. Rather than react to events that occur in our life, we observe and notice our emotions so that we can intentionally act in a way that is more congruent with our values.

Happify has a wonderful video that illustrates how mindfulness can help you learn how to respond rather than react to life’s challenges. When we practice mindfulness, we strengthen our ability to notice and observe our emotional states, thus improving our ability to respond wisely. Watch their video

‪Why Mindfulness Is a Superpower: An Animation